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Employability Summit 2016

March 9 at SXSWedu | 1:00 – 5:00 PM CT
JW Marriott Austin

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Best Practices for Creating Successful Career Strategies
1:00 – 2:00 PM CT
Salon 4

Ron Nash, Founder, Jumpstart Academy and LinkedIn Author
Kyle Poll, Head of New Business Sales,, LinkedIn
Mike Marriner, Co-founder, Roadtrip Nation


Jaime Fall, Director, UpSkill America

Tapping into effective career readiness and employability strategies, along with associated tools, have become a global challenge. Across the world, 290 million young people are out of work! At the same time, almost 40% of employers tell us they can’t find the talent to fill their job openings. Where is the disconnect?

In this revealing session, three thought leaders within education and employability come together to help you discover the why and how to bridge this epic economic disconnect. LinkedIn experts will discuss best practices for creating successful career strategies and networks, as well how to cultivate one’s personal brand. Roadtrip Nation will examine current issues and future trends in designing effective career exploration solutions that help professionals to discover their ideal career pathway.

Session outcomes
  • Learn about best practices for creating successful career strategies.
  • Learn how to create valuable career networks.
  • Learn about best practices for designing effective career exploration solutions.



Improving Career Readiness for 21st Century Learners
2:15 – 3:00 PM CT
Salon 4

Jeff Selingo, Best-selling Author, Award-winning Columnist
Robyn Bagley, Director, Career Path High

Learning guides futures. In this session, presenters will discuss how educators and institutions can better prepare K-20 learners for success in college and the workplace. Presenters will explore best practices for building a pathway to postsecondary educational success, as well as the post-college life for today’s graduates and how they can better launch into a career.

Session outcomes
    • Learn how students can build a better pathway to college and career and technical education success.
    • Learn how students can build their own powerful personal brand to increase lifelong success.
    • Learn how students can secure and sustain successful career opportunities.

Jaime Fall, Director, UpSkill America


Getting the Job: Pitching with Presence
3:15 – 4:00 PM CT
Salon 4

Jodi Glickman, Chief Executive Officer, Great on the Job
Sean Kavanagh, Chief Executive Officer, The Ariel Group
Kate Nugent, Director of Product and Training, The Ariel Group

Recent research shows that only 27% of employers feel that college graduates have the requisite communication skills needed for success on the job. One of the first places this shows up is during the interview process.

How can young job seekers make people love them the minute they walk in the door? Using a highly effective pitch methodology developed in conjunction with Harvard Business School and authentic presence tips from actor training, this hands-on experiential workshop will give you a chance to whip your personal pitch into shape while gaining valuable takeaways to enhance the employability of your students and young professionals. You might even wow everyone you meet at edu this week!

Session outcomes
  • Learn about the top-cited communication skills valued by employers.
  • Learn about simple, actionable strategies to help you tell a powerful and compelling story about who you are, what you want to do and why you are uniquely qualified.
  • Learn about the vocal and physical signals of “high presence” that will enable you communicate with impact and support your credibility from the moment you walk in the door.


What Employers Are Doing to Help Employees Make Meaningful Progress in Their Lives
4:15 – 5:00 PM CT
Salon 4

David Leaser, Senior Manager of Strategic Initiatives, Global Skills Initiative, IBM
Peter Janzow, Senior Director of Business Development, Acclaim, Pearson
Brian Poland, Director, Lifelong Learning, Walmart

Learning makes us. In this session, leading employers will discuss innovative initiatives designed to help their employees make meaningful, measurable progress in their lives and unlock new career opportunities.

Session outcomes
  • Learn about innovative employer initiatives that are helping individuals to accomplish their academic goals and ultimately increase their qualifications and employment options.
  • Learn how the GEDWorks program for Walmart leverages digital learning technology to provide employees with the tools they need to pass the GED test.
  • Learn how IBM’s program is helping to drive measurable impact in attracting, retaining, and progressing talent across its programs, activities, and partner networks.


Network with Leading Employability Experts

5:00 – 7:00 PM CT
Salon 8
Who will be at our networking event?

Learning makes us. Innovative professional training initiatives can transform careers and organizations. Join us to network with business leaders, career readiness and workforce development experts representing organizations such as Walmart, IBM, Roadtrip Nation, LinkedIn, Great on the Job, The Ariel Group, UpSkill America, Career Path High and more.

Our mini-exhibit and poster sessions will explore how employers are increasing the qualifications of employees and setting them on a clear path for long-term career success, as well as leading approaches to measuring, communicating, and, ultimately, boosting college and career readiness and success. In addition, University of Texas-Austin student Anisha Srivastava, winner of Pearson’s Student Coding Contest, will present her winning app Lightpath. Refreshments to be served during the event.

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