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Online Program Management
Five Keys to Building a Competitive Online Program

Today, five issues consistently drive online program success or failure—and they go well beyond academics. Discover what they are, and how to address them.
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Digital Delivery of Course Materials
Spotlight: University of California, Davis

UC Davis’s Inclusive Access program saves students money while increasing their access to digital course materials.
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PreK-12 Online & Blended Learning
Pearson Connexus

Where are you on the shift to digital? With the right approach, you can transform learning into a personalized experience that engages students and improves their outcomes.
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Career Readiness & Employability
IBM employs digital badges

To develop and verify talent, engage workers, and coordinate its training and development network, IBM looked to digital badges issued in the web standard Open Badge format.
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Career Readiness & Employability
AcceleratED Pathways

Investing in frontline workforce development can cut the costs associated with employee retention and attracting talent, and improve employee engagement and customer satisfaction.
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Smart Technology in Education
Intelligence Unleashed: An argument for AI in Education

In this important new report, a positive and plausible vision is set out of how learning could be transformed by artificial intelligence in education (AIEd).
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Our work to forecast what Employment, Skills and Competencies will look like in 2030 and what this means for learning today

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