Successfully transforming gateway math and statistics classes with MyLab

Leveraging technology to engage students with math and statistics

Innovating to improve course performance with MyLab Math and MyLab Statistics

Gateway math and statistics classes are critical to your students’ success. MyLab Math and MyLab Statistics digital products are helping institutions of all kinds efficiently deliver gateway classes that work.

Are you serving liberal arts students who often take only a single terminal math or statistics course? Are you preparing future math teachers? Or nursing students who need to master units? Or STEM students aiming for graduate school? Do some students arrive with extensive skills gaps, despite solid standardized test scores? Do you run large-scale lab programs or a “math emporium”?

No matter who your students are or what teaching formats you use, MyLab Math and MyLab Statistics are helping institutions like yours to succeed.

This site explores the MyLab experience at three exceptional institutions. While they’re very different, they do share some crucial attributes. Each has a passionate commitment to student success. Each is relentlessly focused on innovation. And each has made MyLab a key piece of the solution.

Come and explore. Learn about the challenges these schools faced, and how each of them addressed their challenges in several specific courses. Then, through video clips, meet their educators and students — and see how everyone is benefiting.

Pearson would like to thank Stanly Community College, Richland College, and the University of Texas at Arlington for allowing access to their facilities, students, and instructors.