Spotlight on Personalized Homework in MyLab Math and Statistics

A review of pre/post course performance at six institutions who use Personalized Homework in MyLab, as documented in educator studies.

Community Colleges

Guilford Technical Community College, NC
Course: Developmental Math sequence

Ivy Tech Community College, IN
Course: Business Statistics

Lehigh Carbon Community College, PA
Course: Mathematical Literacy

Four-year Universities

Liberty University, VA

Course: Fundamentals of Math & Intermediate Algebra

Montana State University–Billings

Course: Introductory and Intermediate Algebra

Wayne State University, MI

Course: Beginning Algebra

Enhancing Math and Statistics Classes with Personalized Learning in MyLab

Not every student learns the same way or at the same rate. Personalized learning in MyLab gives instructors the flexibility to incorporate the approach that best suits the needs of their course and students.

The United States National Education Technology Plan 2017 defines personalized learning as follows:
Personalized learning refers to instruction in which the pace of learning and the instructional approach are optimized for the needs of each learner. Learning objectives, instructional approaches, and instructional content (and its sequencing) may all vary based on learner needs. In addition, learning activities are meaningful and relevant to learners, driven by their interests, and often self-initiated.1

In MyLab Math and MyLab Statistics, the following tools allow for personalized learning: Personalized Homework (through the use of prerequisites), Companion Study Plan (assignable), Study Plan (automatic), Skill Builder, adjustable due dates, and adjustable time allowed on assignments. In fact, MyLab Math and Statistics features are so adaptable, instructors can make almost anything personalized depending on when and how they assign it in their course.

In this review, educator studies meeting the following criteria were considered:

  • Published between 2014–2017;
  • Implemented either MyLab Math or MyLab Statistics;
  • Utilized Personalized Homework; and
  • Data included pre/post results

It was found that six institutions met all the criteria and, on average, saw average pass rate increases of 9 percentage points. Included in this mini-review are summaries of each institution's implementation and associated results. The reader will learn how each institution incorporated Personalized Homework into the learning plan differently, exemplifying the adaptability and flexibility of utilizing this feature in MyLab.

1 Reimagining the Role of Technology in Education: 2017 National Education Technology Plan Update