When is it best to assess?

When is it best to assess?

There are many ways to determine if students understand what they’re learning. By using each type of assessment at different points throughout the school year, teachers have a better understanding of how their students are progressing.

When to use each type of assessment

Balancing assessments throughout the school year and adapting accordingly helps learning become personalized and goals become measurable.

Assessment 4Diagnostic

Beginning and end of a learning period

Diagnostic Calendar

Assessment 5Benchmark

Periodically, throughout the school year

Benchmark Calendar

Assessment 6Interim/Monitoring

In intervals throughout the year, usually outside of instruction

Interim/Monitoring Calendar

Assessment 1Formative

Ongoing, all year

Formative Calendar


When you need to determine whether a student needs specialized assistance or services (or whether he or she is ready to begin a course, grade level, or academic program)


Assessment 2Summative

End of the school year

Summative Calendar