Teachers are superheroes…and it’s okay to remind them

teachers are like superheroes

Have you ever had a teacher who made a big impact in your life? The kind you never forget? Those who go above and beyond doing their job and who truly care about their students and teaching? We all go through the challenge of deciding which professor to take based on online reviews and word of mouth, but I think this is unfair to many teachers, especially now that there is a common trend of “easy A professor” which makes the good ones who want you to learn look like the bad guys with a “do not take him/her” branded on their foreheads. This is not fair because those “mean” professors are the ones who take the job seriously and truly care about our future. To those professors I say: thank you for challenging me and making me earn my grade.

This semester I will be earning my Associate’s in Business Administration, but more than a diploma, I’m taking with me the influence of amazing faculty who taught me beyond the classroom and proved to truly care about my improvement and believed in my talents. For that, I am forever grateful. I want them to know they made an impact in at least one student’s life. It is so meaningful to hear a teacher say you are one of their best students, and know that they mean it. When you work hard in a class, being recognized is satisfactory and encouraging to continue the fight to overcome every challenge thrown in your path.

So to those professors who work hard and care about us, I thank you. Without you, college would only be an extended and expensive version of a bad high school experience. Wear that superhero cape with pride and never forget that you are changing the lives of many students. Always remember that many of your students do care and listen to everything you say.

I encourage all students who read this to make the best out of your college experience and that includes appreciating your professors. Yes, you will encounter professors who will challenge you and won’t give out grades just for showing up, but those are the ones who will make your college experience great and unforgettable. As you overcome these challenges, you will become a better person and excel academically. You will look back and remember those professors and will thank them for caring and for being the way they are. So, do not allow a bad review to stop you from getting the best out of your classes, step out of your comfort zone and grow mentally and personally, and never forget why you are where you are and what your goals are.

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Lia currently attends Georgia State University where her major is marketing. She is president and PR of the Phi Theta Kappa chapter (Alpha Zeta Mu) at the Dunwoody Campus. She is also PR of the SPACE club at her school which is a science and engineering club and although is not really related to her major, as demonstrated by my astronomy teacher, science is awesome! She recently changed majors from Fine Arts to Marketing and even though she doesn’t take any art classes anymore she loves art, it is her passion, and she does art when not at school or work. Lia was born in Colombia and moved to the U.S. 10 years ago.