IBM employs digital badges


IBM employs digital badges to attract, engage, and progress talent across the globe



IBM Certified badge

IBM is a globally integrated technology and consulting company where innovation is at the core of strategy. The company develops and markets software and systems hardware, along with a broad range of infrastructure, cloud and consulting services. With operations in more than 170 countries and a global partner ecosystem, IBM and its network needs to attract and retain the industry’s most capable, flexible, and talented workforce to solve customer problems and deliver dynamic insights for businesses, governments, and non-profit organizations.

To develop and verify talent, engage workers, and coordinate its training and development network, IBM looked to digital badges issued in the web standard Open Badge format. They partnered with Pearson’s badging solution, Acclaim, to develop, launch, evaluate, and maintain an industry-leading digital badge program which would increase employee recognition and motivate skill progression across its ecosystem. Acclaim also provides IBM customers an easy-to-use platform that shows that IBM badge earners possess verifiable, in-demand skills and knowledge.

In the first six months of its program launch, IBM achieved tangible returns on its investment in badging including:

  • Improved engagement – 87% of badge earners reported feeling more engaged and motivated to learn,
  • Increased course completion – there was a 70% increase in students taking exams for IBM-badged online courses, and
  • Increased progression – 50% of badge earners returned to take another online course.

To learn more about IBM’s Acclaim implementation, read the full story.

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A more intuitive, effective badging solution

Acclaim is a digital badging platform backed by Pearson, the world’s leading learning company. Acclaim has issued millions of badges from reputable organizations for career-advancing achievements that help individuals move forward professionally.
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