Britain and the EU

Now that the referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union has been set for June 2016, lots of organisations and people are asking what Pearson thinks about the issue.

First and foremost, we think this is a decision for the British people to make, and no doubt there will be a range of opinions within Pearson, as there are across the country. Each of us in the UK has a vote, and will use it as we see fit.

We have though been asked by some organisations on both sides of the debate what Pearson’s position is and we think it’s right to take a view.

Only a small proportion of Pearson’s business relies directly on trade between the UK and the rest of the EU. Nonetheless, we have carried out analysis of how Britain leaving the EU would affect Pearson across a number of regulatory and financial aspects. This analysis has concluded that Pearson would be better served by the UK remaining part of the EU.

As part of Britain and Europe’s education community, we see the considerable value that British membership of the EU brings to universities, colleges, schools, teachers, students and pupils.

As a global business based in the UK, we believe that Britain, its businesses and its people are, on the whole, better off as part of Europe.