3 steps to living better and healthier

Recently, I finished a book called Born To Run by Christopher McDougall and felt ready to put my shoes on and run around the globe a few times. This is one of the best fitness books I’ve ever read and quite frankly one of the most myth-debunking books as well when it comes to fitness.

During my experience with the book, I learned an incredible simple three-step process to living a better and healthier life.

Many sources and people will share their opinions regarding living stress-free or dissecting your work schedule to break away from things you don’t need to do. Some will recommend meditation or free time. All of these are great ideas to help you break free, but it’s even simpler than that.

In order to live better, and simultaneously dodge frustrating matters or feet-dragging work, you need these three simple steps. The process is simple, starting with how you fuel yourself and leads to training your body.

Follow these steps (in order) and see where life takes you:

  1. Eat Less –I’ll admit it, I have some bad eating habits and used to get full almost every time I ate. Now, however, I’ve decreased my portions. Instead of eating three bowls of cereal for breakfast, I started eating just one. You don’t have to cut out all the bad foods at once, just practice eating less in general. This doesn’t mean starving yourself, it just means giving yourself limits and teaches you to tolerate eating less over time.
  2. Eat Better – Once you grasp the idea of eating less food, start replacing bad foods with healthier alternatives. When you cook eggs in the morning, throw some spinach under the eggs as a place mat. Maybe add some avocado? And you know what, skip milk and replace it with cold water. Eating better can be a difficult thing, but once you craft the right combinations, eating better becomes extremely easy. You have to remember though that you must learn to eat less before you can start eating better. It’s a habit that you need to build.
  3. Get Fit – This step is usually the step everyone jumps to first. Unfortunately, many of those “Get Fit” goals fail by the lack of accountability in regards to eating. You have to eat less and then eat better for you to hit your fitness training. There are three additional tips to consider when it comes to getting fit:

– Running is the best way to get and stay fit

– Have fun. Getting fit will be nearly impossible if you don’t find a way to make it fun.

– Set goals. For me, I have short-term and long-term goals written on my mirror. I also keep up with my records. Here is an example of my running goals: Daily Goal: 26 miles straight. Daily Record: 6.8 miles straight. Long-term goal: compete in a marathon. Short-term goal: make it over 10 miles straight by April.

Time to start a new chapter! Keep yourself accountable and challenge your friends to do the same. Stick to the process and make sure you complete each step in order consistently! Eat Less. Eat Better. Get Fit.

Corey Geary

Corey Geary

Corey is a Senior seeking a Bachelor’s of Business Management from The University of Georgia. He currently stands as a Regional Coordinator of the Pearson Campus Ambassador Program and is a regular contributor to the PS Blog. He enjoys traveling, learning, and more traveling.