10 provocative questions: College and career readiness in the digital age

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As we have been discussing college and career readiness during this monumental shift toward digital learning in a series of blog posts, I wanted to take time to address some thought-provoking questions I sometimes receive from people I meet at education industry events. Listen to my recorded responses that I have tried to keep within two minutes in length. If you have further questions, post them below in the comments section, or join us for one of our upcoming webinars, which are also listed below in more detail.

1. How young is too young to be thinking about college and career readiness?


2. What’s so special about digital learning when it comes to college and career readiness?


3. College readiness AND career readiness: Can we have both?

4. “Career-ready” graduates in today’s economy: Can reality meet expectations?

5. How do we reconcile college readiness with the debilitating cost of college?


6. The swipe-right attention span of Generation Z: Liability or strength?


7. Are today’s kids ready to create tomorrow’s “next big thing”?


8. How do we reconcile career readiness with trends in globalization, artificial intelligence, and robots?


9. The radical future of personalized learning: What role will teachers play?

10. What about the OTHER critical role of education in a democracy: The development of engaged and informed citizens?


To examine these and other topics in more depth we have created a series of webinars in April and May. Please join us, they are free.


View our Shift to Digital infographic to see some great questions to consider and indicators of success as you make this transition.


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Mickey Revenaugh

Mickey Revenaugh

Mickey Revenaugh is a co-founder of Connections Education, the director of New School Models for Pearson Global Schools, and board chair of iNACOL, the International Association for K-12 Online Learning. Connect with her on Twitter at @mickeyrevenaugh and check out further thoughts on learning pathways for “Generation DIY” at http://gettingsmart.com/categories/blog-series/gendiy/.