Diversity Matters: Experience the World, Expand Your Mind

Diversity in education matters, and it plays an important role in Pearson’s mission of helping people make more of their lives through learning. Our differences give us unique perspectives that can enrich our learning, work, and lives. This blog post is part of our Diversity Matters series exploring different perspectives on why diversity matters in education. For more commentary and resources on the importance of diversity, visit our Diversity and Access website.


There is a quote I have always enjoyed by St. Augustine that says, “The world is a book and those who don’t travel read only one page.” The amount of value in that quote is priceless. Read it again. If you don’t travel, you have learned very little and a minimal part of what this world has to offer. If you have traveled to only a few places, then you still have much, much more to learn.

Before I went to college, I had the opportunity to see a handful of places that helped my mind explore. When I was in high school, I rode a train around Germany with my best friend visiting historical castles in beautiful cities like Frankfurt, Stuttgart, and Munich. I’ve also visited New York, Boston, San Antonio, the majority of the Caribbean Islands, and many other places. Beyond that, even in the most basic way, when I was in high school, my friends and I used to drive 45 minutes to walk around Atlanta. People used to ask, why do you drive all the way to Atlanta just to wander around? What’s the point? The reason I traveled  to Atlanta was the same reason I have boarded tightly packed airplanes to fly to countries where I would know no one: to learn, to experience, and to explore.

I believe that the level of knowledge and understanding a person has comes from how much they see, learn, and experience, both inside and outside the classroom. To live within one county or city only limits a person’s mind and perspective. By not seeing and experiencing other ways of life, a person may become biased and defensive against their way of life, thus creating feuds and battles with others. By traveling, however, a person can be introduced to new perspectives of life and begin to understand how big the world really is.

Traveling and exploring are now my favorite things to do. Traveling has opened my mind up to new experiences and has helped me gain an understanding for how incredible this world really is. It has helped me develop a passion for learning and trying new things. It has led me to appreciate nature and architecture. It has helped me understand that all people, regardless of their culture or color, can be my friends. For anyone who wants to explore, learn, and be happy, the world is an open classroom filled with diversity just waiting to be experienced. If knowledge is power, then diversity is the reason knowledge even exists.

CoreyGearyNewHeadshotCorey is a Pearson Campus Ambassador and Hope Scholar at University of Georgia where he is majoring in Business Management. Read more inspiration for students on Corey’s blog.