A digital learning program prepares a nursing major to work in healthcare settings

“I always wanted to be in the medical field. I thought about some different careers in healthcare, but I chose nursing because nurses have more interaction with their patients. They build a different kind of bond and patient-professional relationship than other professionals, like doctors or X-ray technicians, do. Nurses spend more time with patients,” said Rachel Reininger, a junior at Maryville University in Missouri, explaining why she wants to become a nurse.

Rachel Reininger 300x300For Rachel, one of the most challenging parts of being a nursing major is studying pharmacology. “Drugs are so foreign,” she explained. “It’s almost like a different language you’re speaking, and it was hard for me to grasp.”

But Rachel was able to master medications with the help of NovEx, a digital learning program. Last term, in her Medical-Surgical Nursing course, her professor assigned homework and case studies in the program. “NovEx definitely  helped me understand the drug categories because it had the category next to each drug,” she commented. “And using the drugs over and over again in the case studies helped me realize what kind of patients need which kind of drugs.”

In one of the case studies, Rachel gave a patient the wrong medicine. The digital learning program showed her that her actions were incorrect. She confided, “I felt like I failed, and I didn’t want to do that again. But I’m glad that I learned that it’s not the right medication to give in a case study rather than when I was working with a real patient.”


NovEx is easy to understand. It really helped me learn what I need to know.


Rachel also appreciated the authenticity of the  digital learning case studies. “One of my patients in clinical was very similar to a patient in a NovEx case study,” she noted. The patient had abdominal pain and constipation. Upon  examination, the doctor found that he had a complete colon obstruction due to colon cancer. The patient underwent surgery, and his postoperative care, including his diet and medications, mirrored what was presented in NovEx.

“Having this patient validated how real the lessons and case studies are for me,” Rachel commented. “My classmates have also noted similarities between patient conditions and the NovEx case studies in their clinical assignments. We like to refer to these patients as having ‘walked out of the NovEx lesson.’”

NovEx has given Rachel confidence when she interacts with doctors, nurses, and patients because its scenarios are so realistic. Thanks to the digital learning program, she explained, “I have seen what  situations look like in a healthcare setting. It’s not all brand-new to me.”