A digital learning solution helps a nursing student understand priority nursing interventions, improving his clinical confidence

“For me, the biggest challenges in becoming a nurse are trying to grasp who you’re going to be, how much responsibility you’re really taking on, and the knowledge that you have gained in such a short period of time. I’m in a two-year program and it’s difficult because you need personal skills to take care of the patient, but you also really have to know the medications and the different procedures,” confided Jonathan Fast, a second-year nursing student at Suffolk Community College in New York.

Jonathan Fast and his mother

Jonathan Fast and his mother

Jonathan is following in his mother’s footsteps. “My mom went to the nursing program at Suffolk, and her experience influenced me,” he explained. “I got to see what kind of schooling she was going through, the materials she was going over, all the people she got to meet, and all the stories that she brought home. It really inspired me to go for it.”

Although Jonathan is taking the same nursing courses that his mother took, he had the opportunity to participate in a pilot for NovEx, a digital learning solution, in his  Adult Physical Health Nursing 1 course.

The digital learning solution helped Jonathan stay on schedule during the course. “It gave me due dates and different sessions, like cardiac, gastroenterology, or genitourinary. It kept me on track,” he noted.

He appreciated the solution’s multimedia effects. For example, he recalled a video about lung sounds. “When you were reading through the etext, you’d come to a certain point where there’d be a little clip you could play, and it would show you what you were supposed to be looking for,” he explained. “It wasn’t just your teacher telling you what a crackle sounds like and its description. Instead you were actually hearing it.”

Jonathan also enjoyed the digital learning solution’s practice cases, which he could access wherever and whenever it suited him. “The NovEx practice cases were like a minisimulation for me at my house. It’s kind of nice that I didn’t have to go into school or to clinical in order to do them. It was my own personal experience.”

In particular, Jonathan recalled a practice case about a patient with a stroke. “It asked about different kinds of medications you could potentially offer and what you should look for.” That information came in handy one day in clinical when Jonathan witnessed a patient he was transporting undergo a stroke.

“We called for a rapid response. While the rapid response was going on, I was able to follow all the things that the doctors and the nurses were talking about and understand why they were doing things the way they were doing them. NovEx showed me all that stuff beforehand.”

NovEx makes me more confident when I’m talking with patients. I understand what kind of surgery they just went through and what their limitations are going to be during their recovery.


After earning his associate’s degree, Jonathan would like to work as a floor nurse and gain experience working in the intensive care unit. His ultimate goal is to become a nurse practitioner or a nurse anesthetist.