Online courses introduce new technology to Agra Gyan Swaroop Tripathi, India

Online courses introduce new technology to Agra


Digital badges help the owner of an Indian IT company improve his business

Gyan_Tripathi“I am the owner of Gyan Labs,” Gyan Swaroop Tripathi, a small business proprietor in Agra, India, proudly declared. “We provide advanced IT training as well as develop and test software. Our students have talent, but they don’t know the right direction to take. We show them the correct pathways by enhancing their original skills so that they can perform better. We also consult with and train business owners so that they can improve their businesses by using the right technology.”

Gyan keeps on top of technology trends for his business. He first learned about Hadoop, an open source framework for storing and processing large data sets, in 2011. Over the next few years, Gyan heard more about the power of Hadoop. He decided to enroll in a course in Delhi in February 2015. He attended the course for a week, but had to drop out because of conflicts with the second job he was working to supplement the income from his business.

Gyan tried to educate himself about the framework in his spare time, searching the Internet and taking free online courses. During his research, he learned about Big Data University, which offered free, self-paced data science courses that included IBM badges issued by Acclaim.

So far, Gyan has successfully completed two Big Data University courses, Big Data Foundations and Big Data Hadoop Foundations. He has started several others, including Pig, Spark, and Business Analytics, but has not yet had time to take the tests. “Big Data University really provided me with the correct path,” he explained.

For every course he completed, Gyan earned a digital badge that he posted on his Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts. He likes the digital badges because they demonstrate the skills he has learned.

He explained, “Others can see that I have real knowledge of big data and Hadoop. Many of my friends and family members and some of my employers have seen my digital badges. They ask what they are, and I explain it to them. I am very proud to be the only person in Agra who is speaking about this technology.”

Gyan believes the skills that he has learned through Big Data University will help him improve his business. “The courses gave me confidence that I can promote leading technologies to students so that they are up-to-date with market trends. Previously, I was running my firm as a side business, but going forward it will be my primary business. IBM and Acclaim, I am thankful to you.”


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