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Americans and our democracy

In a democracy, the people are expected to guide public policy. But do Americans pay enough attention to public affairs to fulfill our duty as citizens? As this month’s Learning Lab reveals, there’s reason to be concerned about how we make political decisions. But most people just might know enough for democracy to work reasonably well.

Like public opinion itself, evaluating political behavior and the public’s policy knowledge is complex. Dive into the subject with this preview multimedia chapter from REVEL!

Some of what you’ll explore in this Learning Lab:

  • How demographic trends shape American politics
  • How various forms of socialization shape political opinions
  • How polls are conducted and what we can learn from them
  • How ideologies influence political decisions and political behavior
  • Two powerful ways to classify political participation
  • How opinion about the scope of government guides political behavior

Tip: Use the left and right arrows or the bottom slider bar to navigate through the lesson.

Degrees Digital Magazine | Issue 9


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