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Issue 9 | November 2016

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Special Post-Election Issue

The election’s over! Whomever you voted for, whatever your beliefs, it’s time to reflect on our American political system, what’s great about it, and what we might work together to improve. In this issue, we offer tips on keeping your students politically involved after the big election, and get an informed take from a renowned professor of political science at the University of New Mexico (also the site of this month’s glorious campus visit). After all the debates and mudslinging, we hope to shed a little light… and have a little fun along the way!

Campus Visit

University of New Mexico

Discover how New Mexico’s flagship public institution offers world-class education in the heart of Albuquerque, not far from America’s legendary Route 66!

Get your kicks at UNM

Male student taking online courses
Prof. Gabriel Sanchez

An Hour With

Prof. Gabriel Sanchez, Political Science, UNM

Meet Dr. Gabriel Sanchez, pioneering expert in Latino political opinion and committed mentor to a new generation of minority graduate students.

Vote for Prof. Sanchez

Real Talk

Fun facts about presidents #1-44

As we prepare for a new president, how much do you know about the first 44?

Take a look back

General Election 2016

High Stakes

US politics: How politically aware are you?

When it comes to the American political system, are you all talk and grandstanding? Or do you really know your stuff?

Test your civic knowledge


5 ways to stay
politically involved

To really make change, don’t just vote: stay involved between presidential elections. We serve up five ways your students can do that — and you can, too!

Get active, stay active

Pearson Support Corner

8 free political science webinars not to miss

No shouting, no anger: just fascinating new insight into American politics from nationally renowned experts, in the wake of the latest election results.

Go beyond the campaign

Pearson Support Center
Genghis Khan

Learning Lab

Americans and our democracy

Explore a REVEL™ chapter on how Americans make political decisions. How are we performing the responsibilities of citizenship — and what does that mean for democracy?

Learn something new