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See how world history comes alive through digital learning

Discover just how powerfully ed tech can transform a subject! In this month’s World History lesson, a video lecture brings Genghis Khan to life. You’ll see Seljuk tapestries so rich and vivid you can almost touch them and discover the world of farming and herding in 1,000 C.E. through interactive maps. There’s even an audio podcast revealing why horsemanship was so central to life on the Central Asian Plains. Take the lesson, learn something new, and test your knowledge!

Some of what you’ll explore in this Learning Lab:

  • How the Central Asian nomads connected the world, culturally and commercially
  • How the Seljuk Turks powerfully impacted Southwest Asia
  • Who Genghis Khan conquered, how he did it, and why he was so successful
  • The extraordinary connections created by the Mongols between their empire and China, Southwest Asia, Russia, and Central Asia
  • The powerful impact of the Mongol conquests — both positive and negative

Tip: Use the left and right arrows or the bottom slider bar to navigate through the lesson.

Degrees Digital Magazine | Issue 8


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