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Issue 8 | October 2016

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Special “Transition to Digital” Issue

Join us this month as we celebrate those who’ve embraced the Transition to Digital in higher education. This month, we’re plugging in, switching on, and connecting to the world of education technology. And if you happen to be plugging into EDUCAUSE in Anaheim this month, we’ll be there too…stop by and say hello!

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Inside the digital classroom

This month’s “Transition to Digital” special issue honors online instructors and learners all over America — 5.8 million students and all the educators who serve them with passion, commitment, and excellence.

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Male student taking online courses
Terry Austin

An Hour With

Terry Austin, Professor of Biology, Temple College

Terry Austin has been changing students’ lives through online education since 2010. Today, 80–100% of his students are online. Get his powerful insights about tech in classrooms: virtual, physical, and beyond!

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Real Talk

Transition to digital: What students want & what they’re getting

Students are hungry for digital learning technologies. Their institutions? Not so much, not just yet. That’s the takeaway from this important new infographic. Check it out, then get the full report it’s based on.

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course designers collaborating on a project

High Stakes

Ed-tech fact… or fiction?

What’s real right now in educational technology, what’s science fiction, and what’s somewhere in between? Do you think you can tell fact from fantasy, classroom-ready tech from dreams?

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Meet 4 inspiring students who’ve gone digital and never looked back

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Pearson Support Corner

4 free webinars on digital distance learning: bookmark them now!

Discover how to do great new things with online and blended learning technologies. In honor of National Distance Learning Week, you’re invited to join us at these free educator-led webinars!

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Pearson Community
Genghis Khan

Learning Lab

Tech meets history, and Genghis Khan comes to life

You’ll almost hear the hoofbeats! Discover just how vivid world history can be: join us on the Central Asian plains to experience an incredible world of herders, horsemen… is that Genghis Khan we see?

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