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Issue 7 | September 2016

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Special STEM Issue

This month, we’re celebrating women and men who’ve dedicated their lives to STEM fields. Join us as we interview a world-renowned Yale astrophysicist, and introduce seven remarkable women in STEM that everyone should know about… plus one rising superstar. There’s more — including an invitation to the Pearson community that’s right for you, and an interactive look at the secrets of human culture.

What’s happening with #GirlsinSTEM?

Campus Visit

Yale University

Lux et Veritas! Explore Yale, America’s third-oldest college, alma mater of five U.S. presidents, 19 Supreme Court Justices, and loads of world leaders, Nobel Laureates, and great entrepreneurs.

Visit Yale

Yale University
Professor Josh

An Hour With

“Galaxy Hunter” Dr. Marla Geha, Professor at Yale University

Discover what inspires Yale Full Professor of Astrophysics Dr. Marla Geha—and how she inspires those around her.

Meet Dr. Geha

Real Talk

Improve learning outcomes by using psychology in your classroom

Whatever you teach, the psychological sciences can help you teach it better. Master Michael Britt’s powerful psychological tools for getting students test-ready and making learning stick!

Get your students psyched

course designers collaborating on a project

High Stakes

How much do you know about our solar system?

From Mercury to Pluto, how well do you know your friendly local planets and moons? Take our solar system quiz to find out.

Fly me to the moon


7 women in STEM everyone should learn about…
plus one rising star!

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Pearson Support Corner

STEM educators: join a community and learn something new

Whatever your STEM discipline, we have a community for you, full of great resources from Pearson and innovative ideas from your colleagues. Here’s your invitation to join!

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Pearson Community
Diana Nyad

Learning Lab

Join sociologists on a journey into the heart of human culture

Explore our interactive introduction to culture from a scientific viewpoint. When you see culture as sociologists do, your world may never look the same again!

Learn something new