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Issue 6 | August 2016

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Valencia College

This extraordinary college has 68,000 students, “Top U.S. community college” accolades, a vibrant community, great pathways to four-year college, and 96% career placement!

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Valencia College
Professor Josh

An Hour With

Professor Josh: Instructional Designer & Professor of Ed-Tech & Social Networking

Valencia College’s "Professor Josh" shares secrets for using web, social media, and media tech to supercharge classroom learning. (Don’t miss his great illustrations.)

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Real Talk

What Sesame Street can teach us about learning design

Think you don’t know much about instructional design? You just might, says Dr. Jeff Bergin—if you ever watched Sesame Street as a child or with one.

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High Stakes

How well do you know great literature?

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9 “must-attend” summer webinars for educators

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Pearson Support Corner

Meet Pearson’s Curriculum Services course design experts

Discover what Pearson’s learning and instructional designers do all day, and grab powerful free resources for your own learning design.

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Diana Nyad

Learning Lab

Your physical well being: Staying healthy as you age

As much as we hate to admit it, we're all getting older. Explore what science is learning about staying healthy as you age.

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