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Issue 3 | May 2016

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Campus Visit

St. Louis Community College

Four campuses, 69,000 students, and one very lovable celebrity all about this month's college pick!

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St. Louis Community College
Associate Professor Dorian Brown

An Hour With

Associate Professor Dorian Brown

This month we caught up with Dorian Brown, associate professor of history at St. Louis Community College, and talked history, hip hop, and higher education.

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Real Talk

Creating engaging videos for students

There are plenty of tools out there for creating and hosting videos, but how do you know if you’re creating content that will really work in the classroom?

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young woman shooting video from her smartphone

High Stakes

Which college campus best matches your personality?

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5 teaching tips for new educators

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Pearson Support Corner

Use Learning Catalytics to poll your students

Wouldn't it be great if you knew how effective your teaching was in real time? Check student understanding and promote active learning in your classroom.

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Student with tablet asking a question
Music in the Middle Ages

Learning Lab

Music in the Middle Ages

Courtly love, troubadours, and lovers, this lesson's for you! How does modern music differ from music of the Middle Ages?

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