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Boston University

This month, we visit one of the Northeast’s most winter-appropriate campuses: Boston University (BU). Nestled in historic (and very snowy!) Boston along the Charles River, BU is truly world renowned. Home to over 33,000 undergraduate and graduate students from 130 countries, BU’s diversity and international curriculum make it the perfect centerpiece for our global education issue.

BU: The basics

BU spreads across two Boston campuses. Its most famous campus runs along Commonwealth Avenue, straight into the historic Back Bay neighborhood — an area known worldwide for its splendid Victorian brownstones. (Where’d that name come from? Before Boston’s massive 19th century landfill project, Back Bay was just that, a bay.)


Student to faculty ratio




Acres of land








New freshmen each fall

Sports and fitness for everyone

With 22 varsity sports on offer, you’ll see BU’s Terriers everywhere. But at BU, sports and fitness are for everyone. There are 30 club teams, and BU’s fitness center averages 6,500 visits a day. Way to stay fit, Terriers!


As global as it gets

BU doesn’t just “talk” global: it is global, with some 8,500 international students from 133 countries. You’ll find six language-specific residence houses here and more than 30 cultural groups. BU hosts 400 global initiatives; 4,000 participants complete more than 25,000 global service days annually. And BU alumni take their educations everywhere: today, they live in some 180 countries!

Want to know what’s happening globally at BU right now? It’s easy, thanks to BU’s multicultural events and lectures calendar… packed with events ranging from “Dress + Design from Peru to Japan” to “Buenos Aires Tango Poetry”!


Boston University’s Global Programs

There’s more, including study abroad and internship options in 20+ countries on six continents. Want to learn engineering in Sydney? Swahili in Zanzibar? There are options for everyone. Even if you never leave Boston, you’re treated to a global curriculum across disciplines, with courses ranging from “Africa in International Politics” to “International Advertising.”

Meet BU’s remarkable alumni

BU counts seven Nobel Laureates, 23 Pulitzer Prize winners, and nine Academy Award winners among its alumni.

Image of Martin Luther King, Jr.Martin Luther King, Jr., earned his PhD here in 1955. The Free at Last sculpture on BU’s main square is engraved with memorable words from his “I have a dream” speech and depicts 50 doves soaring upward toward the sun.

Other noteworthy alums include Alexander Graham Bell (inventor of the telephone); Poets Laureate Robert Lowell and Robert Pinsky; radio personality Howard Stern; actresses Julianne Moore, Geena Davis, Marisa Tomei, Rosie O’Donnell, and Alfre Woodard; TV host Bill O’Reilly; and civil rights leader Barbara Jordan.

What we love about BU

It’s not easy to pick just one thing, but we sure do love their bright red social media presence! BU’s Twitter account (@BU_Tweets) is a perfect mix of entertaining and informative, chock full of campus facts and eye-catching visuals from around campus and student life.

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