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Issue 10 | December 2016

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Global education issue

This holiday season, we’re exploring education for — and with — the world!

From an interview with an international relations professor at one of the country’s most diverse universities to a look at Brexit’s impact on UK student enrollment, we have plenty to learn from our globally minded friends and colleagues.

On a personal note: Degrees readers, we wish you a warm and peaceful holiday season! Thank you for sharing a very special 2016 with us.

Campus Visit

Boston University

More than 33,000 students come to BU from over 130 countries for its world-renowned global education. See what’s so exciting about this great university!

Visit snowy Boston

Statue of George Washington in Boston park
Prof. Gabriel Sanchez

An Hour With

Professor Noora Lori, Boston University

Meet the fascinating Noora Lori, BU Assistant Professor of International Relations and one of the world’s leading experts on migration, human trafficking, and refugees.

Meet Noora Lori

Real Talk

The changing face of international education (and its US impact)

Global education is changing the world and transforming many American campuses. Now, it’s changing, too.

Preview global change

Global Education

High Stakes

A world of holiday food

Test your knowledge about holiday food and traditions as you eat your way around the world!

Chow down


You & your international students: 7 ways to learn from each other

Discover how you and your students can create stronger, richer global learning experiences together.

Learn together


Holiday greetings from all of us!

Our heartfelt best wishes at the holidays, and for your coming year!

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Pearson Support Center
Genghis Khan

Learning Lab

6 inspiring TED Talks for the holidays

For the holidays, we’ve curated six of our favorite TED Talks — passionate and unforgettable gifts from the speakers to all of us.

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