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Issue 1 | March 2016

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Campus Visit

Columbia State Community College

Learn about the Chargers and their historic beginnings in rural Tennessee.

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Assistant Professor Marilee Murray

An Hour With

Assistant Professor Marilee Murray

This month, we caught up with Assistant Professor Marilee Murray of Columbia State Community College in Tennessee and chatted about math, social media, and that pressing question: what's higher education all about?

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Real Talk

Inside a flipped classroom

It’s fine to talk about the advantages of flipping the classroom, but how is it actually done and what’s it really like? Here’s a glimpse into the life of someone who is currently flipping.

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High Stakes

Which philosopher are you?

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5 digital tools every millennial educator needs

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Pearson Support Corner

How do I create assignments in REVEL?

Make your familiar and respected course content come alive with REVEL media interactives and assessments.

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Ficoroni Cista by Novios Plautios

Learning Lab

What do you know about the Etruscans?

Did you know that a thriving and sophisticated culture ruled Italy long before the Romans did?

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