When your day isn’t typical – A PSAB profile of Sanah Jivani

Sanah Jivani

My college journey is far from ordinary.

Most mornings I am up by 7 am. I start by scanning my email for any important messages regarding my non-profit. I use the coffee maker in my room to make a quick cup and spend the next hour working to plan my schedule for the day and looking through emails, making sure I am able to get back to anyone who has contacted me.

I schedule all of my classes in the morning (preferably starting before noon) because I want to be done by the early afternoon. Starting early in the day gives me more daylight to work on both schoolwork and my non-profit work.

When I finish classes, I make sure to practice self-care. This can be anything from going to my room and relaxing to hanging out with friends for a couple hours.

I dedicate the next few hours to making school a priority. This is when I get any homework or studying done.

I end my night by working on my non-profit. I am extremely passionate about my organization, so it hardly feels like work. Still, every day is a new challenge and I must stay extremely organized to double as a student and a non-profit owner.

In the future, I hope my journey continues with my work with my non-profit. For me, my work is personal. In the seventh grade, I lost all of my hair to a condition called Alopecia. I struggled with wigs, self-harm, and self-hatred for years. I slowly learned to love myself, and in the ninth grade, I made the brave decision to go without my wig. I started a non-profit organization called The Love Your Natural Self Foundation. Through this organization, I work to bring self-esteem-based curriculum to over 60 campuses.

International Natural Day event

My biggest accomplishment is the International Natural Day movement that takes place in 28 countries. This is an international day of self-love hosted by my organization. This day takes place on February 13th. I chose this day because it’s the day before Valentine’s Day, and it is important to invest and care for yourself before investing in others.

Through my work and my story, I have thankfully received the opportunity to inspire countless individuals around the globe. Even when balancing a full load of classes and running an organization seems like a lot, I turn to these individuals for inspiration. I made an organization to change the lives of others, but every day, the individuals I inspire change my life.

I know I have a unique journey as a student. Running a non-profit and being a 19-year-old executive director can be overwhelming at moments. However, every day I learn so much about being a student while making a difference. For these reasons, I bring a unique perspective as a Pearson Student Advisory Board member.

Every day, I feel lucky that a big company like Pearson turns to students for input. I have learned so much by working on various projects and speaking to different employees within the Pearson network. By the end of my tenure, I hope that we as students are able to continue to integrate service into our work. My fellow Pearson Student Advisory Board members have become great friends, and each day I am grateful to learn such amazing students.

At the end of the day, taking on the task of changing the world can be overwhelming. Everyday, though, we as students must realize that we have the power to make change. Our voice is extremely valuable and if we chose to speak up, we could make a major difference