Learning achievement is significantly enhanced with MyFoundationsLab.


Community college reaches more students and increases achievement through online learning

Ocean County College, Toms River, New Jersey

oceanco-740x740Community colleges play a critical role in preparing students for success in the 21st-century economy. Ocean County College (OCC) in New Jersey provides a shining example of an innovative community college using online learning programs to increase the college and career readiness of its students, whether their goal is to transfer to a four-year college program or pursue a career.

In order to expand its online presence to better meet the needs of working students as well as those who live outside the county, OCC decided to implement MyFoundationsLab (MFL) in the fall of 2013 as a two-year pilot. MFL is a personalized online learning program, which helps students master remedial course content quickly so that they can progress to credit-bearing courses.

Halfway through the pilot, the college is pleased with its results. Not only was there an increase in distance-learning-credits, but also a remarkable increase in student achievement. Comparing average student course scores from spring 2013 when the course was taught using traditional methods to spring 2014 when MFL was implemented, OCC found a 17-point increase in remedial English scores and a 21-point increase in remedial math scores. Course completion rates increased from 67 percent to almost 85 percent over the same period.


Learning achievement is significantly enhanced with MyFoundationsLab.

Jeff Harmon, Executive Director of E-Learning

Students are also pleased with the program because it personalized learning for them and saved them money. The program creates personalized pathways that allow “students to work at their own pace and to complete the work as they are able to. It is designed in such a way that it targets their problem areas, so that even though a class may be learning the same material, their individual assignments are focused in different areas. Therefore, a student who may do really well in one area does not have to waste time working on that area because that is not where he or she is struggling,” explained Erica Carboy, lecturer and program chair, English. In addition, students taking four MFL courses, as opposed to the traditional remedial courses, saved $502 in textbook and other course-related fees.

While OCC continues to track longitudinal results through the remainder of the pilot, its initial success helped the college earn the Innovation of the Year Award for Advancing Online Student Remediation from the League for Innovation in the Community College.

To learn more about OCC’s online learning program, read the full success story and the article published by the Center for Digital Education.


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