College programs that support the non-traditional student

group of nontraditional students enjoying their college experience

Both videos below share insight into two unique college programs that are helping students gain the knowledge and skills needed to succeed at school and beyond. Each school won a Bellwether Award, which annually recognize outstanding and innovative programs and practices that are successfully leading community colleges into the future. These programs can be especially beneficial to non-traditional students who need to brush up on their basic skills after being out of school for a lengthy period or who are looking to develop new skills for a career change.

Alamo College

Alamo Colleges’ Alamo I-BEST program helps fill the skills gap in San Antonio, Texas by contextualizing basic skills students need with skills required for high demand occupations.


Gaston College

Gaston College’s award-winning SPARC3 program provides STEM students hands on, interactive education experiences combined with personalized support services – paving the way to graduation.

Does your college have a unique program that is helping you succeed? Tell us about it by commenting below.