Choose your own (academic) bootcamp

The bootcamp is an educational model that cuts to the chase in many ways—these intense courses combine theory and practice in a condensed format that encourages a learning environment where knowledge is shared by all. In contrast to broader, more deliberately-paced traditional classroom models, this innovative new format is taking education by storm through intensive, hyper-focused learning experiences.

These courses are all about empowerment, whether you want to learn to code in six weeks or get a grasp on digital photography in a month. Bootcamps enable you to expand your mental horizons, bolster your physical skillsets, and pursue new trades. They also give you the power of choice—your bootcamp options are nothing if not colorful, inclusive, and extremely diverse.

Flatiron School

To say that bootcamps and web developers share a symbiotic relationship is an understatement. Web development bootcamps raked in more than $73 million between 2011 and 2014. There are more than 50 of them across the U.S., with top programs claiming that the majority of their grads ended up in jobs earning just under six figures.

The Flatiron School’s Learn Program places employability-focused learning into the virtual classroom. This online bootcamp focuses on collaborating with other learners on the fly as you code your own projects using a workflow modeled on pro dev practices. You’ll dive into languages like Ruby, SQL, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as you tackle live assessment from teachers—no multiple choice exams here. Flatiron’s course could be just the spark you need to turn your app ideas and gaming dreams into reality.


The 3D printer—accessible tech that’s empowered us to do everything from print organs to repair spaceships—is a burgeoning platform that’s relevant to everyone from auto designers and toy makers to engineering buffs and tinkerers. IMade3D‘s crash courses strike while the educational iron is hot. You’ll learn to assemble, calibrate, operate, and troubleshoot a 3D printer in a single day. And in the ultimate symbol of how bootcamps help turn intellectual exercise into a hands-on experience, you’ll go home with your own fully operational, self-assembled 3D printer at the end of the day.

180 Skills

Like many bootcamps, the Introduction to Manufacturing accelerated learning program from 180 Skills is a springboard. That springboard covers the process that creates the majority of products we use in our everyday lives, so it can launch you just about anywhere.

Introduction to Manufacturing covers the basics of how manufacturing works in today’s world. It explores how manufacturing affects both people and the environment, and the course operates on 180’s distinctly flexible model. As an online bootcamp, this program’s timetable isn’t set in stone. Every learner is different, so each is given the amount of time he or she needs to work through the course’s syllabus. It’s education off the clock.

GA’s User Experience

General Assembly’s User Experience Design Immersive bootcamp is a crossover course with universal appeal. Although it caters to tech developers, dipping your toes into the ocean of user experience design benefits anyone with a mind to create or design products.

This in-person program lasts about five weeks and really drives home the practicality that bootcamps capture so well. There’s a class project each week, and completing these five projects means you’ve got a working portfolio by the time you graduate. The UX Immersive also nails the employability factor, building career support training such as salary negotiation and networking into the core syllabus.

Koru Career Bootcamp

Koru‘s Career Bootcamp is the one to take after you’ve earned a stack of educational bootcamp certificates. This immersive career training program consolidates job-readiness education into one- to three-week intensives, emphasizing Koru’s “grit over grades” learning style. Koru incorporates partners from companies like PayScale, REI, and zulily who engage learners in face-to-face leadership challenges, job coaching, and interview practice. In a promise so bold it must be a bootcamp move, Koru guarantees that all participants will receive an interview with one of the program’s partners.