Celebrate Earth Day: Admire this Majestic Planet

Take a second to think about some of your favorite memories. I bet a decent amount of them involve nature in some way. In the time it took you to just read those two sentences, about three seconds, the area of a rainforest the size of three football fields was destroyed, 7.2 million pounds of CO2 emissions were released into the air, and approximately 13 babies were born. Statistics of this caliber support the fact that with a continual growing population, it is imperative that there be a collective worldwide tonality placed on sustainable action. One way this is emphasized is with the annual celebration of Earth Day. Earth day is meant to support environmental protection on a worldwide scale. The first Earth Day was established in 1970 in order to promote ecological ideas, encourage respect for life on Earth, and emphasize a rising concern over soil, air, and water pollution.

It is proven that humans crave a connection with the natural world. On the contrary, our environment has begun to recently deteriorate due to careless human impact. This opens up the ongoing conflict between needing to take from the earth, while also desiring to reap its solace. Due to the increasing population, overall consumption rises. These increases create benefits for the economy and even more complications for the environment. With that being said, more innovative approaches have been integrated in order to meet human demand. One of these approaches is to commit to more sustainable action within daily life.


As a student who is passionate about the environment, and one who is pursuing a career in sustainable urban planning, I believe every day should be Earth Day. At Florida State, our Sustainable Campus Program celebrates Earth Month. Throughout the month of April there are several events and seminars which students are welcome to attend. Each occasion aims to inform students about specific environmental focuses, as well as encourage sustainable action. Simple actions such as using a reusable water bottle or bag, as opposed to a plastic, are encouraged. Several universities and business nationwide also offer public events like this. These events and seminars allow the public an opportunity to learn and engage in various environmental topics.

Earth Day is also a celebration and with a celebration comes free stuff. Many businesses offer freebies such as free reusable bags in exchange for plastic ones, seeds for gardening, organic foods, and more. Also, over 400 national parks encourage you to explore the great outdoors by offering free entrance. So on Wednesday, April 22nd, get out there and admire this majestic planet! Take time to think about some ways you can do your part to keep the earth beautiful and sustainable for future generations.

Aly is a senior at The Florida State University. She is pursuing a career in sustainable urban planning and will be attending The University of Southern California in the fall to obtain her Master’s. She is involved on campus as the Director of FSU’s Greeks Going Green Program and an active member of her sorority, Chi Omega, and Leadership Honor society, Omicron Delta Kappa. At Florida State she has held leadership positions on the executive boards of both the Homecoming Council and MedLife FSU Health. She has had the opportunity to intern with local Tallahassee organizations, The Neighborhood Medical Center and ReThink Energy Florida. Along with sustainability, one of her many passions is travel; she studied abroad in Valencia, Spain and was involved in a medical mission trip to Lima, Peru.