Careers in Construction Month and its Connections to Career and Technical Education

Welder working in a tube

This blog post was originally published on Breaking Ground: the NCCER Blog, and was re-posted with permission.

NCCER and its Build Your Future (BYF) initiative are once again declaring October as Careers in Construction Month. Throughout the month, NCCER, BYF and partners like the Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE) promote construction careers to make educators, students and parents aware of the value of construction training and its ability to prepare students for successful careers.

Students at Crane Simulator

Students at Crane Simulator

One of BYF’s key strategies in this outreach is to collaborate with other organizations to hold events. This year, these events include construction career days hosted by the Construction Education Foundation of North Texas, Construction Education Foundation of Alaska and Builders’ Exchange of Texas Education Council, among many others. Those interested in holding similar events can find materials on BYF’s resources page and publicize their event on BYF’s registration page.

BYF has also created a sample proclamation and tips that members can use when encouraging governors and other policymakers to deem October as Careers in Construction Month. So far, 18 states have already proclaimed October as Careers in Construction Month. One educator from an NCCER Accredited Training and Education Facility in Nevada describes how he accomplished this in his blog.

Just as Careers in Construction Month details the value of construction education, ACTE’s CTE Month© raises awareness of the benefits of CTE, which encompasses construction education and other in-demand fields such as engineering, business, information technology and health care. CTE Month, which takes place every February, shares with parents, students, educators and administrators how CTE improves student engagement and educational attainment and benefits the entire economy. During CTE Month in 2016, ACTE will hold events such as our annual school visit, as well as encourage policymakers to proclaim February as CTE Month. We’ll also publicize fact sheets, microdocumentaries and other pieces that illustrate the importance of CTE. We look forward to working with NCCER and many other organizations throughout February to spread our message. To learn more about how to get involved with CTE Month, visit our CTE Month page.

NCCER and ACTE have both designed excellent campaigns to increase awareness of the benefits of craft training and CTE. We look forward to seeing the impact of these campaigns in our schools and throughout industry.


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Kevin Oshinskie

Kevin Oshinskie

Kevin Oshinskie facilitates ACTE’s Career and Technical Education (CTE) Month and CTE Support Fund Activities. He is a member of the Public Policy Department at ACTE, the largest national education association dedicated to the advancement of education that prepares youth and adults for careers.  Kevin is extremely interested in exploring the ways that education policy affects employment in the U.S.  He holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Fordham University.