Building a community in higher education disciplines

Male professor sitting in his office looking at a notebook

Have you ever caught yourself on a seemingly endless Internet search for additional resources and strategies to improve your teaching practice? Perhaps you are the only instructor in your department to teach Developmental Math, or are the first on your campus to implement a flipped classroom model and are in need of resources. Or maybe, you want advice on creating a late-work policy that ensures student success.

Tremendous value is created when educators collaborate and share best practices rather than working in isolation. Pearson Community is an online resource that provides a space for educators to do this.

Professor Diane Hollister, from Reading Area Community College, says:

“Today’s educators are often juggling increasing demands on their time to develop courses, support underprepared students, meet assessment guidelines, and more. It’s easy to feel isolated and overwhelmed. The Pearson Community is a great way to access peer support, learn about what your colleagues are doing, read about recent research, and share your stories with others.”

Dr. Brian Tietje, Vice Provost of International, Graduate and Extended Education at Cal Poly State University, says:

“Online communities bring people and ideas together in an open, supportive environment that helps everyone in that community become a more effective learner and educator at the same time. They also reaffirm that we are not alone in the questions and challenges that we face.”

Professor Amy Baldwin, Director of University College at University of Central Arkansas, says:

“I find online communities–blogs, articles, and discussion posts–to be most helpful to me because I can see what topics are being discussed regionally and nationally. I can always find someone who has experienced what I am experiencing or doing something that I really need to try myself. I have been able to broaden my knowledge base on important issues and implement the best ideas.”

Ellen Bremen, Instructor, Communication Studies at Highline Community College, says:

“After giving all day to your students, sometimes, your only time for professional development is 11:36 pm. Pearson’s community is awake and ready to give back to you!”

Pearson Community is a virtual forum for higher education instructors to connect, exchange ideas, and share advice on courses, content, and key topics in education. Since its launch in May 2016, over 5,300 people have visited Pearson Community. Take advantage of professional development opportunities, ask a question, respond to a discussion, read blogs and articles, or post something yourself. Higher Education instructors who teach in Business, Computer Science, Economics, Math & Stats, Science, or use a Revel™ product in their classroom will find pages in their specific fields to connect with peers and thought leaders.

Start collaborating on Pearson Community today. Log in to follow the conversations that interest you most or begin the registration process. Stay connected on Twitter, search #PearsonCommunity.