Being Free to Pursue My Goals

November is often a time when people share stories of gratitude and we think that’s great! For the next month the P.S. Blog will feature several Pearson Campus Ambassadors who are grateful for a variety of things: from family and friends to opportunities at their college. What are you grateful for?

9.Connor ShanahanConor Shanahan is a double major in in International Relations: Strategic Intelligence and Criminal Justice at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. His dream job would be working as a Special Agent in the FBI. They require three years of professional work experience however, so to satisfy that requirement he would love to begin his career as either a police officer or an Officer in the United States Marine Corps. His favorite class right now is U.S. History because of how passionate and entertaining the professor is and the unique insight he’s able to provide on historical events. Connor is a big fan of the entire Thanksgiving feast for the holiday season, but his favorite is mashed sweet potatoes (and you can never go wrong with a well cooked turkey.) Here is what he’s grateful for:

I am extremely thankful for my parents. Without their constant love, support and guidance I would never be the man I am today. They are the two greatest and most influential people I have in my life; they constantly support me in the pursuit of my dreams and have encouraged me the whole way. I am also extremely thankful for the freedom that we have in this great country, which is something I personally take for granted far too often. Simply being able to freely speak my mind, express myself, and pursue my goals is a huge blessing. As much as I love to complain about slow WiFi, nothing ‘good’ being on Netflix, traffic and other trivial things, I am truly humbled when I stop and think about the incredible blessings and freedom I have in my life and in this country. ​

Thank you in many different languages written on an open notebook