Behavior Conversations Series: Disproportionality

Three multiracial boys walking and talking together

Due to the increased attention on inequality in education, specifically with regard to discipline and academic achievement, disproportionality is quickly becoming one of the most significant issues affecting education today.  According to data collected by the Office for Civil Rights, Civil Rights Data Collection, the problem of disproportionality in discipline is nationwide affecting every single state in the country and, in some cases, to staggering degrees.

In these three videos, Andre Banks and Dr. Adam Bauserman explain the nature of disproportionality, the challenges educators face when trying to deal with the issue, and effective solutions identified through research and experience.

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Video 1: What is Disproportionality?

Video 2: The Challenges of Disproportionality

Video 3:  Strategies and Interventions for Disproportionality


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Andre Banks, MEd, Director, Client Program Management, Pearson

Andre has been helping customers successfully implement Review360, a Pearson digital behavior product,  for over 10 years. Currently, he manages and oversees the Implementation team for Review360.  Prior to Review360, he spent ​over twenty years working in the Dallas Independent School District where he served as a classroom teacher for special needs students with emotional disabilities, ​a ​crisis intervention teacher, a behavior specialist,​ and as the program coordinator for students with emotional disabilities.  In addition, he has trained schools, families​,​ and communities in intervention and strategies to work more effectively with special needs students.


Adam Bauserman. PhD, Senior Client Account Manager, Pearson

Dr. Bauserman has nearly 20 years of experience in education as both a General Education and Special Education Teacher as well as a Behavior Specialist and Instructional Specialist. His experience has been in Colorado, Indiana, and Texas. He has also served as an Instructor at Ball State University and a State Project Coordinator for the state of Indiana. Adam joined Pearson in 2014 as an Implementation Specialist for Review360. His role is to train and support all stakeholders utilizing Review360 by providing ongoing educational professional development. Adam is also known as “Dr. Behave” and presents regular webinars focused on current, relevant topics important to Special Education as well as being a regular contributor to Pearson’s Teaching and Learning blog.