Online services give students more opportunities to achieve a college degree Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona

Online services give students more opportunities to achieve a college degree


ASU improves student access with enhanced online learning offerings

Research has shown repeatedly that a college degree is a key differentiator for success in the 21st-century marketplace, yet for many adults, the traditional classroom is no longer a realistic option. Family, work, or other life circumstances make the possibility of completing a degree on campus unlikely. Online learning creates new and unprecedented opportunities for those who would otherwise be unable to complete a degree.

ASU is meeting the challenges of obtaining a college degree by providing nontraditional students with high-quality online degree programs that are rigorous, engaging, and affordable. In 2010, ASU partnered with Pearson to enhance and rapidly expand its online learning services and resources. In addition, Pearson is providing enrollment services for ASU undergraduate online degree programs, including engagement, retention, and student support. Pearson is also employing prospect generation services and admission services to better connect with and engage students at every stage of the enrollment process.

ASU not only provided me with the flexibility I needed to continue to work in a job that I love, it is also helping me to relate what I am learning to my work.

Elizabeth Hernandez, Public Safety Dispatcher, Ventura County (California) Sheriff’s Department

In June 2014, ASU and Starbucks announced the groundbreaking College Achievement Plan (CAP), which offers eligible Starbucks employees full tuition reimbursement with no obligation to remain with the company following degree completion. Pearson plays a crucial role in the partnership between ASU and Starbucks by providing a wide range of student services, which allows for a seamless influx of online students generated by the CAP and ensures that all students experience the same level of service as the program grows and expands.

Since partnering with Pearson, ASU has increased its online enrollment by 325 percent, and more than 4,000 students have completed their degree.

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