AI-based tutoring: A new kind of personalized learning

The Discovery Channel’s This is AI looks at how artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the world now, the scientists shaping it, and the lives affected by this nascent technology.

This is especially significant in the education industry with the increasing need for lifelong learning. The future of digital learning offers the potential of even greater tools and supports. Imagine lifelong learning companions powered by AI that can accompany and support individual learners throughout their studies – in and beyond school – or new forms of assessment that measure learning while it is taking place, shaping the learning experience in real time.

While the full potential of the application of AI is being discovered with each day, today there are students and educators benefitting from a new kind of personalized learning.

IBM and Pearson have teamed up to integrate digital courseware with IBM Watson Tutor technology to offer students an intelligent, virtual tutor to accompany them as they learn. Learn more about this partnership in the following video.

Watson Tutor

IBM Watson Tutor: Personalized learning on a whole new level

Existing and emergent technology should be leveraged to address some of the most intractable issues in education, including achievement gaps. And ultimately, AI and machine learning will help us respond to the changing education landscape – the need, in a jobs market re-shaped by technology, to help learners achieve at higher levels, and in a wider set of skills.

For more insights into the implications of AI in education, read our paper Intelligence Unleashed.

Students using a tabletBy combining Pearson’s digital courseware with the IBM Watson Tutor technology, students are receiving a new kind of personalized learning. Instructors are also gaining richer insights into student learning. Learn more about Revel with Watson.