Advancing Online Education in Restaurant Facilities Management


Advancing Online Education in Restaurant Facilities Management

Restaurant Facility Management Association (RFMA)

Progressing Industry Awareness

The Restaurant Facility Management Association (RFMA) is an association committed to promoting professionalism and ethical standards within the restaurant industry. It created the Certified Restaurant Facility Professional (CRFP) program in 2010 with the core values of leadership, integrity, education, relationships, and community in mind. The certification is designed to provide restaurant facility professionals with a designation that will prove their abilities and demonstrate their commitment to achieving excellence within the restaurant industry. To meet the distinctive needs of training restaurant facilities professionals, RFMA wanted additional resources to increase the success of the CRFP program.

Partnering with Pearson for Online Training Success

I chose Pearson, not only because of their impressive credentials, but because of their team, their communication skills, and enthusiasm for the project. Their references were also glowing and I could tell their clients thought of them as partners that shared in their success.

Debi Kensell, Education Manager, RFMA

RFMA spent months searching for just the right learning company to produce its online course that would accompany the CRFP credential and help advance the professional development of RFMA members. Impressed with Pearson’s global reach, dedicated staff, and rich educational content and technology, RFMA partnered with Pearson to design the online training course and bring its vision to life.

Working with RFMA’s reputable content, Pearson is collaborating with RFMA to ensure the final project promotes the association’s mission and keeps its recognized brand on all 14 learning modules. Striving to develop new standards of practice, the course will feature powerful study materials and mini-assessments along the way to guarantee participants are well prepared to sit for the final exam.


The Goal

To be recognized as the predominant education provider for restaurant facilities management professionals.

The Challenge

Providing education to increase success for professionals taking the Certified Restaurant Facility Professional designation exam.

The Solution

The development of an online course, which aligns to exam sections, matches the RFMA learning objectives, and addresses the skills necessary to pass the exam.

I am over-the-top excited about this course development. Observing the interaction of the Pearson team with the subject matter experts to develop their knowledge into storyboards is remarkable. Having never been through this process before it’s exciting to watch the plan unfold. The professionalism of the Pearson team makes me so happy that we chose to partner with them!

Debi Kensell, Education Manager, RFMA

Creating Added Value for Members and Customers

It is RFMA’s belief that the new online course will not only increase the success rate of the certification program, but also create added value for its members — and, in turn, their members’ customers. Equipping their members with the resources they need to advance their professional careers and organizations will help RFMA build an education program that represents excellence in professional skills development and expertise in the restaurant industry.