A high school student enjoys his first digital learning experience Jordan LaRocca, Florida

A high school student enjoys his first digital learning experience


A teen with a passion for the ministry gains career skills using an interactive learning program

Jordan Larocca speaking

“What I really want to do is go into ministry,” declared Jordan LaRocca, a high school senior at Eau Gallie High School in Florida. “I’d like to do mission work, and there really isn’t a degree for that. You need to have experience and training.”

Although he is still in high school, Jordan took advantage of the dual enrollment opportunity at Eastern Florida State College (EFSC) to get some training. Explaining why he took a Fundamentals of Speech Communication course, Jordan said, “The course really supported what I want to do. Mission work is all about public speaking. It’s about analyzing your audience and forming an effective speech.”

During the course, Jordan did his homework in REVEL™, an interactive learning program. Engaging in digital learning was a new experience for Jordan because none of his high school courses incorporated online learning, but it posed no problems for the teen. He enjoyed being able to work at his own pace and using the interactive learning features of the multimedia program.

The interactive learning features helped Jordan master the content. Describing “a circle graphic that showed the steps for creating a speech,” he explained, “If you moved your mouse over it, it would tell you the definition. I could hover over it and quiz myself. There were also some interactive vocabulary matching graphics, which really helped me too.”

Because it is so interactive, REVEL helped me retain the information I learned in the course.

Jordan also found the section quizzes beneficial. “I liked that they gave you a second chance and they made sure that you knew the material instead of just saying, ‘OK, you got this wrong, next question,’” he explained. “The program let you know the answer and gave you an explanation.”

After completing his communications course with REVEL, Jordan feels that his public speaking skills have improved and he has more confidence. Following the advice of his pastor and parents, he is planning to complete his associate’s degree when he graduates from high school this spring. After that, he hopes to attend a mission training school in Africa or Asia.

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