A system of standardization has brought unexpected benefits to the Archdiocese of Baltimore



A system of standardization has brought unexpected benefits to the Archdiocese of Baltimore

Archdiocese of Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland


Once each school worked in silos managing student information and grading practices, but now the Archdiocese of Baltimore is unified through an online system that has helped them standardize processes, assessments and grading between all of their 44 schools. By managing student data using an online system, they have also experienced greater communication and collaboration between each of their schools, teachers and parents. Students have also begun to take more responsibility for their own learning.

In 2000, the superintendent of schools at the Archdiocese of Baltimore identified the need to standardize the process for creating report cards across their 44 elementary, middle and high schools. Across the Archdiocese the pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade teachers were using different processes for creating reports cards. “The Archdiocese didn’t want us hand writing the traditional yellow paper report cards any longer. Every school was doing it differently and we had no consistency,” explains Sunda Cramer, student information system manager at the Archdiocesan office.

Once the issue was examined, diocesan administrators and the chief information officer (CIO) realized they also needed a standardized system for collecting and tracking student demographic and enrollment information. Traditionally working in silos, most schools had their own system for collecting and storing student, parent, grading, and attendance information. With computer technology starting to become more wide spread, they decided it would be best to search for an online system that all schools could share and access together. A web-based system would also address the need for parents to easily access their children’s grades and facilitate communication between teachers, students, and parents.

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