Do something inspirational every day

Art student finding inspiration for her painting

Sometimes if feels like the daily grind of school and work is draining all our inspiration. We think back in “awe” of the times that we were fun and creative, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Make it your goal to do something inspirational every day. Whether it be something as small as going out of your way for a stranger, or something as huge following your lifelong passion, don’t let the busy rush of your life stop you.

Find your creativity. Social media is a powerful tool, and not just for watching cat videos or stalking ex-boyfriends. You can share ideas and inspiration with the rest of the world. It can be something as seemingly insignificant as “pinning” a quote on Pinterest, to sharing your favorite cookie receipt with your friends on Facebook. Follow people and pages that inspire you, to keep your newsfeed full of fun and creativity.

Express your creativity. Creativity doesn’t always have to be through art. Whether you like writing, baking, or even leading, you can express yourself through those activities too. All you must do is dare to be different. No one is going to get hurt if you try a different recipe, or different design, or different style – but you could inspire the people around you to be unique.

Female college student feeling inspired to bake

Find joy in the small things. Personally, I enjoy feeding the birds in the Walmart parking lot. Do other Walmart shoppers think I’m crazy? Maybe. But it takes me less than a minute to toss some animal crackers near the door of my car, and watch over twenty hungry birds come swarming over. Making the birds happy makes me happy, so who cares how strange it might look to other shoppers. What I’m trying to say is, enjoy things despite what other people might think. You will find people who are on the same page as you. I was sharing my “weird bird feeding thing” with a classmate the other day, and he admittedly agreed that he does something very similar. Just because you think what you find amusing could be perceived as weird, doesn’t mean that it is.

Life is too short to let it just rush on by. Embrace your unique goals and aspirations. When you are 92 years old, will you tell your grandchildren all the things you wish you would have done or all the things you are proud to accomplish. Make small strides in your life to be an inspirational person, you will not only be a happier person, but it will affect the people’s lives around you.

How you are going to be inspirational? Comment below to share you unique aspirations with the Pearson Students community!

Jessica is a junior at Missouri State University majoring in Marketing with a minor in International Management. She will be graduating with her bachelor’s degree in December 2016, and is accepted to an accelerated Masters of Business Administration program to complete her MBA the following year. Jessica is member of Beta Gamma Sigma International Business Honor Society,  Ad Club, National Society of Collegiate Scholars, and Phi Eta Sigma Honor Fraternity.