Creating a work-life balance that prioritizes, wellness, happiness, and success

My name is Michael and I am currently a sophomore at Harvard College studying Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology (HDRB). I grew up in the frigid lands of Toronto – where polar bears and penguins roam the streets. On campus, I am involved with my House Committee, the Club Baseball Team and serve as both an EMT and Mental Health Liaison.

For me, college has been an absolute whirlwind and already a truly transformative journey. As a pre-med, I wanted to attend a liberal arts college to further expand my mind and explore new frontiers. These past few semesters, I have had the privilege of conducting exciting research in the HDRB department, learning from professors that have shaped American health care policy and even engaging in ethical debates about the regulation of genome engineering and 21st century medicine. Although I have not yet established a career path, I am certainly in no rush. A few years from now, I may be working at a pharmaceutical company, a public health office or perhaps at a hospital.

Michael Liu Headshot

Michael Liu

My biggest accomplishment in college is definitely striking a stable work-life balance that allows me to prioritize my wellness, happiness and academic success. Being surrounded by such talented and brilliant peers, it is difficult to not compare myself to those around me. It has certainly been a challenge to ground myself and to focus on the doors ahead of me instead of those behind me. Throughout this entire journey, my mother has been my biggest cheerleader and my rock. Her strength and courage, even while providing me with so much continues to inspire me.

I decided to apply to the Pearson Student Advisory Board because I wanted to explore my interest in education and educational policy. Having benefited greatly from abundant resources and opportunities and witnessed the stark inequalities in education quality/opportunities across North America, I wanted to learn more about how I could make the greatest impact and give back to a system that has invested so much in me. So far, I have had the great privilege of learning about exciting initiatives that Pearson executives are currently spearheading. Moving forward, I am working with other members on the PSAB team to execute a youth mentorship program by leveraging the vast Pearson network. We hope that we may empower college and high school students to be mentors and serve as a positive force for the youth of their communities.

These past few months on the PSAB team has been fantastic. Each individual sees the world differently, brings something different to the team and is motivated to shape and better the field of education in North America. Together, our board has become a second family as we have found unity in our collective diversity. I am so excited to see what our team will do in the months to come!