6 Reasons You Should Join Intramural Sports in College

College can overwhelm you with work, and make you feel stressed due to a lack of time. Where do you fit time in with friends and how do you get your long-sought-after exercise plan in action? There is one solution that I have found to be the most valuable break: intramurals.

For most of my life, I played competitive soccer. It was something that kept me learning, growing, and moving forward. Most importantly, though, soccer helped me break away from all of the stressful work in high school and lead me toward a successful two-hour relaxation time twice a week. You’re probably thinking, “Running up and down the field is not relaxation, that’s brutal fitness.” In your eyes soccer may seem that way, but it has become easy to me. Once in college, I took up intramural sports and realized that all sports are like that. No matter how good or bad you are, how in shape you are, or how many people you know, intramurals is a level playing field. It’s a zone for all scholarly athletes to compete with the same opportunities. I have found plenty of success over the past few years simply playing team sports in school. Here are five reasons why you should join intramural sports too:

1. Exercise

When you are on the field playing soccer, football, or ultimate Frisbee, you are getting a work out. It’s a trick to your mind that while you’re having fun, you’re also exercising. The same workout you could have earned on a treadmill with a TV is now being accomplished by scoring the winning touchdown with your friends.

2. Relaxation

There is nothing more relaxing than having minimal responsibilities. For a brief hour, your mind is focused on one thing: winning. For those moments, your mind isn’t worried about school or networking for your next job. It is worried about being in the zone. The field or court is an area for you to briefly let go of everything and enjoy the moment.

3. Friends

There is a rewarding feeling that comes along with being on a team. Whether you know the people on your team or not, you become increasingly closer to them. The idea is that you are all working together toward a common goal – sweating and sprinting. The hardworking effort and dedication is a sign of sacrifice for your teammates which is recognized and accepted. Meeting every week with teammates to compete together builds memorable college moments and long lasting friendships.

4. College Pride

If there is one way to feel a part of a school, it is to get involved. At almost every school in the nation, there are organizations to get involved with, whether it is intramurals or clubs. You’ll begin to feel a sense of pride and a feeling of belonging when you dedicate hours of your life toward creating some project of success on campus. Intramurals is something that has helped me feel a part of my school. It has helped me realize that I am part of a greater community of people who are just like me! I have fallen in love with my school all over again. I am proud to be here and proud to be a part of this amazing community.

5. Team Skills

If there is one thing I underestimated in my time of being on an intramural team, it is the idea of building life skills. Every team needs a leader, a communicator, a financial keeper, a hard worker, a rule-book keeper, and many other tangible positions. All of these positions build skills and help teams learn as they play. We need everyone to pay in order to pay, so we have a financial team member handle the money. We need to know when to play and where, so we have a leader who figures it out and relays it to our communicator. At the end of the day, intramural sports help you grow physically and mentally.

6. Fun

How often do you get to have fun on a weeknight? Studying can take over your life, but intramural sports can help you break out of your room to have fun. College is one of the best times of your life so get out there and enjoy it. Winning, or losing, is fun. Competing is fun. Being on a team is fun. Intramural sports is meant to help you exercise and have fun within your community.

Get out there and sign up!