3 Tips to Help You Make the Most of Studying Abroad

One of the great things about your years spent in college is the opportunity to study abroad! I spent last semester studying abroad, and loved every second of it. Here are three tips I wanted to share with you to make your study abroad experience just as memorable as mine.

Learn the language.

If you are going to a country that speaks a different language, you will need to be able to adapt and attempt to learn a little bit of it. Food menus, signs, grocery stores, etc. will usually be in the host language and it can be frustrating when you can’t understand these as easily as you could back home. Don’t stress! You will find it easier the more time you spend in your host country. Consider downloading apps such as Google Translate. This can go a long way when talking to someone who speaks little English! When preparing for your trip abroad, you may want to download a free language learning app, such as Duolingo, to learn words and sentence structures prior to your departure.

Know How to Navigate.

When you first arrive to your study abroad location, trying to navigate the city can be a little intimidating. Learning your way around in the beginning will help you a lot in the long run! Look at maps or travel guides of your city to try to teach yourself where places you’ll often go to are – like your school, the grocery store, or close-by pharmacies. Also, do not shy away from public transportation! Many larger cities have great transportation systems that locals use daily. Do as the locals do! Consider downloading apps such as Maps.Me, Google Maps, and HERE WeGo to help you navigate.

Find a Second Home.

If your study abroad experience is anything like mine, you will shortly find a home in your host country. Living in a different city for a short time allows you to see a side of it that tourists miss. Doing everyday things in your city like grocery shopping, taking the metro, or even just navigating the city streets without a map will soon have you feeling like a local. I quickly fell in love with my host city and began to call it my second home. Most importantly, the people I met while studying abroad quickly became like a second family.

Learning the language, knowing how to navigate the city, and finding a home away from home will all help make your study abroad experience most enjoyable. Knowing what to expect while studying abroad is important, however the best parts of your study abroad experience will be the parts you didn’t see coming.

Pearson Students: Are you planning to study abroad? Where are you going and what are you looking forward to most? Share by commenting below!



Janelle is a junior at the University of Louisville. She is studying Business Marketing with a minor in Psychology. Her involvement on campus includes the College of Business Council and Delta Zeta Sorority. Janelle is currently the Pearson Campus Ambassador at the University of Louisville. Her interests include swimming, yoga, music, and traveling. After graduation, Janelle hopes to obtain her MBA and pursue a professional career in business.

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  1. christopher 1 year ago

    thanks for the insight beautiful. as i journalism major, and now a p.r. officer, i wanted to enjoy the feeling of having studied abroad. i was fortunate to be able to go to europe for two years to study. and i can tell you that the experience changed my life. have a blessed day.

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