2016 top 10 Teaching & Learning Blog posts

Six multiracial college students putting their hands into a group handshake

What a great year! On the Teaching & Learning Blog, we have covered a large range of topics including: educational technology innovation, instructor insights when using online programs, how to help students exhibiting behavioral problems, college and career readiness, online program management, digital direct access, and many more. As we draw near to 2017, I thought a glimpse into what you found most interesting in 2016 would be beneficial. So, I have compiled a list of the top 10 blog posts measured by pageviews. Perhaps, on this list there are one or two intriguing blog posts you may have missed.

Thank you to all of our readers for making this such a great year. If you have a suggestion for a topic you want to see covered in 2017, please put it in the comments section.


Top 10 blog posts of 2016

  1. Encouraging Positive Student Engagement and Motivation: Tips for Teachers
  2. Co-Teaching Models that Work in an Inclusion Setting
  3. I Flipped my Class, Now Everyone Talks, Laughs, and Works
  4. Using Bloom’s Taxonomy to Write Learning Outcomes
  5. Pearson Explains How Standardized Tests Are Created
  6. Persistence vs. Retention
  7. Changing the Way We Measure Student Progress
  8. Affective Teaching Methods to Improve Students’ Motivation to Learn and their Performance
  9. Brain-based Learning Theories (from The Journal of Dynamic Teaching)
  10. MLA Changed the Rules for Source Citation: What it Means for Educators and Students