FY 2016 Federal Education Budget Increases by 2%

A group of middle school students running down the hallway of a school

The 2016 federal education budget represents a $1.2 billion increase over last year. The funding has already started to be distributed to States and school districts in July 2016 in order for them to prepare for the 2016-17 school year.

Although the Every Student Succeeds Act was just signed into law, the FY 2016 budget still reflects the previous authorization. For example, ESSA eliminates the School Improvement Grant program with its prescribed federal turnaround models. But the 2016 federal budget still funds SIG, albeit with an 11% cut.

ESSA’s new $1.6 billion consolidated program for well-rounded education and technology does not appear in the FY 2016 budget. You can expect it for the 2017-18 school year when ESSA is fully implemented.

Most of the 2016 increases fall under the Title I and IDEA programs. In 2015, Title I received only a 0.1% increase of $25 million, so the 2016 increase of $500 million is a welcome relief for schools serving struggling students.

The table below outlines how major federal programs fared in the new education budget:


Major Federal Program Change Change over 2015-16 school year
Title I +3.4% $500M increase.  Now funded at $14.9 billion
Title II Level Funded at $2.3 billion
Title III Level Funded at $737 million
Striving Readers +18.7% Increase of $30M. Now $190M
School Improvement Grant -11% Cut $55M.  Now $450 million
Special Education (IDEA) +3.6% $415M increase.  Now funded at $11.9 billion
Investing in Innovation Level Funded at $120 million
Charter Schools Grant +31.6% $80M increase. Now funded at $333 million
Head Start +6% $570M increase. Now funded at $9.1 billion
Career and Tech – Perkins Level Funded at $1.1 billion
21st Century CLC +1.3% Increase of $15M.  Now $1.1 billion
Preschool Development Grant Level Funded at $250 million

Source: http://www2.ed.gov/about/overview/budget/budget16/16action.pdf


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