20 Things That Change by the Time You’re a College Senior – Part 1

The first day of college is a whirl between how excited you are and how incredibly confused you are. You’re trying to inadvertently show off your week-old shoes and first-worn t-shirt. You wave to friends and nonchalantly contemplate on where you’re actually going. Sometimes you end up taking back routes because you literally walked blindly to where you’re at. “Should I pull out my map?” “No, you know what, I’ll just pull out my phone and act like I’m texting someone while I pull up the interactive map.” “Wait, where in the world is building XT300?” “Oh hey dude, what’s up? I’m heading to Chemistry, so like yeah.” “Oh, nah I know, I’m just taking a detour, ya know?” Face it, no one wants to look like you’re a first-day-of-classer… when you obviously are there for the first day… But hey, what does it hurt to try and look like an upperclassmen?

Over the past four years, I’ve been through some ups and downs, learned some life lessons, had some “college” times, good days, bad days, 48-hour days, and even days where I slept most of the day. College is an adventure unlike anything I’ve experienced and quite frankly, it’s become a lifestyle that I most of the time don’t even think about. It’s a process of maturing and a process of learning your limits. It’s the time when you learn what you like and what you don’t like. Over these four years, however, a TON has changed.

Over the next month, I’ll share the 20 biggest things I learned going from my freshman to senior year of college.

  1. Your professors care – they just don’t ever remember your name. Don’t be offended if they ask you to repeat your name even if you go to their office after sending an email to them telling them your name and that you’re coming to their office. They teach hundreds of students.
  2. Friends don’t want to organize your class schedule, class materials, or class routine. And mom is not around to do it for you. Therefore, get to work and learn how to organize yourself. Alexander Graham Bell once said, “Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.” As you grow in college, you know how to prepare yourself better.
  3. That “seat” is not your seat, even if you literally write your name on it. Class is a herding ground for nomad students, so adapt to your element and find a new seat. Eventually, you’ll find a central grazing patch to stick with the entire semester.
  4. Attendance is not taken 98% of the time, so literally the choice is yours. Just because you can skip a class doesn’t mean you should. Class will move on and you will be left behind, so don’t be surprised when you kick yourself for not knowing numbers 23-29 on the test.
  5. If you try and schedule everything on every day of every week, your stress levels will undoubtedly surpass your happiness levels. As time goes on, you schedule less and learn to remember things and times. Results = a more relaxed and happier you.

Check back in next week to read more tips on how I successfully made it from my freshman to my senior year.

CoreyGearyNewHeadshotCorey is a Pearson Campus Ambassador and Hope Scholar at University of Georgia where he is majoring in Business Management. Read more inspiration for students on Corey’s blog.