12 Days of Transfer with PTK – Feifei’s Story

Recently College Fish ran a series called “The Twelve Days of Transfer” which featured various college students who have successfully transferred. We found each and every story so inspiring and motivational that we wanted to share some of them with you, too! In the next week you will meet both traditional and nontraditional students from various majors. Enjoy, and share these stories with your peers who may need a little extra motivation to get that degree!

Our final day brings you Feifei Zeng. Feifei graduated from Carl Albert College in Poteau, OK where she was a member of the Alpha Delta Lambda chapter of PTK. After extensively researching various transfer options, Feifei selected Mississippi State University where she is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business. Feifei attributes her success to these five tips:Feifei_day5

#1 Step out of your comfort zone

I was nervous at first about going to a new environment where I didn’t know anybody except my transfer admission counselor. It turns out transferring to MSU was one of the best choices I have made in my life. Not only I am able to experience the famous “southern hospitality” but am also experiencing a new culture while being able to step out of my comfort zone. Make that first step to introduce yourself and keep in touch with the new friends. Go to that first welcome back event at the beginning of the semester, believe me it was really hard but I am so glad that I did it because I met some new friends whom I am still friends with.

#2 Take on the leadership challenge

Get involved. Apply to that competitive leadership program you always wanted. Apply to organizations within your interests andFeifei_SuccessTips your academic major. Yes, it is more competitive at four-year universities because most of the organizations require interviews or campaigning for it but you can do it. Think about how you can bring diversity to the organization as a transfer student. Especially if you were a PTK member or officer, write that in your application.

#3 Networking is a key to success

Network. Make sure that all your professors know you by your first name by making a good impression, by asking a smart question, or by making a well-thought comment. Go to their office hours and tell them how interesting is the class and how the material taught in his/her course helps you with your major or your career goals. Meet with your academic advisor(s), go to your college’s events because a lot times professors, advisors and even the Deans attend those events, best time ever to network.

#4 Use the services provided by your university

Learn about the various services provided by your university and don’t wait till when is too late to ask for help. My favorite service that MSU offers that my community college didn’t is the Career Center. Not only have they helped me with my resume but also helped me with finding a job on campus. They offer “mock” interviews and also a liaison person who works with students within a field of study and helps students to find an internship or full time job after graduation.

#5 Find mentors who will make your success their priority

I meet periodically (once a month or so, depending on the individual) with the liaison of College of Business from the Career Center; the faculty member at the Honors College who helps students to apply to competitive scholarships and competitive graduate programs; with my academic major advisor, and another staff member in the College of Business. Those mentors have encouraged me to apply to leadership organizations and have made references for me to leadership organizations; they have helped me to expand my network.