12 Days of Transfer from PTK – Lexi’s and Maylee’s Stories

Recently College Fish ran a series called “The Twelve Days of Transfer” which featured various college students who have successfully transferred. We found each and every story so inspiring and motivational that we wanted to share some of them with you, too! In the next week you will meet both traditional and nontraditional students from various majors. Enjoy, and share these stories with your peers who may need a little extra motivation to get that degree!

On day three we are celebrating two women with excellent advice about scholarships.

Lexi_Day3First, Lexi Harvey is a graduate of Mesa Community College. Lexi graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Agribusiness and Pre-Veterinary Medicine from Arizona State University. She’s now in her first year of Vet School.

Her transfer tips: “No scholarship is too small. Apply to the $250-$500 ones. They add up and quick. Another tip is after you’re admitted and enrolled; meet with your academic advisor EVERY semester. Some universities change their requirements for degrees so you want to make sure you’re taking the correct classes and not wasting your time and money in a class that will not help you. My last tip is don’t be afraid to get involved. In most cases you will be moving from a small pond as the big fish to a small fish in a big pond, but your Phi Theta Kappans! Find an organization you enjoy and work hard to be part of it even if it is a big one!”


Our second transfer student is Maylee DeJesus who is a graduate of Palm Beach State College and is currently attending FAU Maylee_Day3while working full-time and raising two daughters.

Her tips: Apply!! Apply!! Apply!! No matter how many questions or essays you have to fill out or recommendation letters you have to request; apply for every scholarship possible! Even if you think you don’t qualify, your application might fall into the hands of someone who believes in you and will give you a chance to prove them right. Another tip would be to find out who is a PTK liaison for the college you want to transfer to, as soon as possible, and keep in contact with them (stay in their face). When your PTK transfer scholarship application comes through, your name well stand out, which can help you be chosen as the recipient.

Thank you both for the great advice where it concerns scholarships and congratulations on your success!