12 Days of Transfer from PTK – Khadijah’s & Britt’s Stories

Recently College Fish ran a series called “The Twelve Days of Transfer” which featured various college students who have successfully transferred. We found each and every story so inspiring and motivational that we wanted to share some of them with you, too! In the next week you will meet both traditional and nontraditional students from various majors. Enjoy, and share these stories with your peers who may need a little extra motivation to get that degree!

Khadijah_Day2The first of today’s transfer superstars is Khadijah Abdur-Rahman, who graduated from Atlanta Metropolitan State College in 2013, where she was an active member of the Beta Beta Tau chapter. She transferred to Georgia State University where she is a Criminal Justice major.

Her transfer tip: “Sometimes going from a two year institution to a four year institution can be intimidating. However PTK prepares you to jump in, introduce yourself and identify resources. Four year colleges are a different environment and as not as personal as two year colleges. However, they are just as committed to you being successful, but you have to take the first step. In my case I sought out other PTK members first who were already familiar with Georgia State University. They helped me tremendously as well as my advisors. Keep in mind that your transcript speaks volumes and once they see that you are serious about your academics the four year institution is very accommodating. They encourage you to finish what PTK and your community college started.” Great advice, Khadijah!

Today’s second PTK transfer star is Ms. Britt White, a Lone Star CyFair student, and officer with the Beta Lambda Mu chapter. Britt_Day2Britt is completing her two-year degree this December and has been fully engaged in the transfer preparation process as she prepares for her next step.

Her advice: “Fully utilize your transfer school’s tools to help incoming students. For example, many colleges and universities have a group of alumni or current students that can answer your questions from a student’s perspective. Also, if they offer the option to request an interview, take it. It will help you stand out as an individual.”

Britt is currently in the final stages of making her choice of transfer college, including many selective admission options. Thanks, Britt, and here’s to you continuing to shine!