12 Days of Transfer from PTK – Gabriel and Ricardo Bernal’s Stories

Recently College Fish ran a series called “The Twelve Days of Transfer” which featured various college students who have successfully transferred. We found each and every story so inspiring and motivational that we wanted to share some of them with you, too! In the next week you will meet both traditional and nontraditional students from various majors. Enjoy, and share these stories with your peers who may need a little extra motivation to get that degree!

Day 4 features two brothers who are also outstanding transfer students, Gabriel Rudy Bernal and Ricardo Angel Bernal.

Gabriel is a graduate of South Mountain Community College and transferred to Arizona State University, where he is studying Electrical Engineering. Gabriel is a first generation college student. He served as SMCC (Alpha Eta Delta) Chapter President 2008-2010, President of Arizona Region 2009-2010, was recognized as a member of the Distinguished Regional Officer Team (2010), and was honored as an All Arizona Academic Recipient (2009).

His words of advice, “In a community college, every student shared resources and a common student center. At the university level, each of the different colleges has their own tutoring center/student center/clubs and activities. Find them, and make friends. Several things will result: you may find great class help; job opportunities; and finally, you will begin to form the core group of friends to work with you through classes. Nobody goes it alone, and that core group shares the struggles and frustrations you Bbrothers_day4face at this new level. They will be invaluable to you, not just academically, but as a sounding board for ideas and concerns.”

Ricardo Angel Bernal, Gabriel’s brother, is also a graduate of South Mountain Community College, and currently attends the University of Arizona, where he is studying Developmental Psychology. Also a first generation student, he served as SMCC (Alpha Eta Delta) Chapter VP of Communications 2012-2013, SMCC (Alpha Eta Delta) Chapter President 2013-2014, and Vice President of Administration – Arizona Region 2012-2013.

His words of advice: “Graduating community college is a big milestone but once you transfer, it’s easy to feel small and get lost in the mix. DONT BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR HELP. There is so much more to learn, experience and participate in at the university level so never feel discouraged if you don’t know something. Simply ask. Also, appreciate everything your transfer advisor does for you. Even during my first semester, I would still call and ask questions to my transfer advisor and now she is recommending me for jobs and positions. They are resources that are there for you!”