12 Days of Transfer from PTK – David’s Story

Recently College Fish ran a series called “The Twelve Days of Transfer” which featured various college students who have successfully transferred. We found each and every story so inspiring and motivational that we wanted to share some of them with you, too! In the next week you will meet both traditional and nontraditional students from various majors. Enjoy, and share these stories with your peers who may need a little extra motivation to get that degree!


David Theis is from the Kentucky Phi Theta Kappa Region. Theis originally graduated from Southcentral Kentucky Community and Technical College (formerly Bowling Green Technical College) in December 2012 with an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Information Technology. While at SKYCTC, he served as Student Government Association President and the Inaugural President of the newly chartered Beta Upsilon Alpha Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. He also was named the President of Leadership for the Kentucky Region in 2012.

After graduating and completing one additional semester at SKYCTC for additional General Ed classes, he transferred to Western Kentucky University. On December 8, he took his last final exams and then “walked the line” on December 13 as a Magna Cum Laude graduate with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Systems Management. Throughout his time at WKU, he worked full-time and also volunteered with the Kiwanis Club of Bowling Green. He has been a long-time member of this civic organization, which currently has over 110 members, including local community leaders. During this final semester of college, he also began a term as the club’s President, so he definitely had his hands full!

DavidT_QuoteAs a “non-traditional” student, who originally began college 24 years ago, David had to keep reminding himself that it’s never too late to continue and complete his education. The major difference in what made him successful this time, other than two decades’ worth of maturity, is that he stayed organized and focused. Before he transferred, he committed every detail to paper and on my calendar, especially with the help of College Fish. David maintained his focus on what was needed to complete in the form of credit hours and General Ed coursework, and regularly reviewed his progress. At the beginning of every semester, he also transferred every assignment date from each syllabus or course calendar into his own assignment spreadsheet, marking the due dates. Then, each week, he checked the online courses’ Blackboard sites to make sure of any new assignments or changes in due dates. He always knew, weeks in advance, what he could expect for my classwork, which kept him from getting stressed out about the deadlines.

Because he stayed organized and wasn’t afraid to ask instructors or department advisors and assistants for advice, David had the most enjoyable and successful experience possible. Although David would have preferred to finish college within only a handful of years, immediately following high school, that wasn’t what was meant to be. Instead, this 42-year old marched through graduation last week, surrounded by hundreds of people half his age, with his head held high, knowing that he still followed through with his own commitment to complete his education.